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Concrete Floor Polishing Wollongong

Close up of polished concrete looking glossy after finished job on a driveway in Wollongong.

If you are wanting to revamp your concrete floors with a modern and stylish look, then our concrete floor polishing service Wollongong is the perfect solution for you. We specialise in all aspects of concrete finishes, so no matter the look you are going for, we can achieve it. Whether you are after high gloss, semi gloss, or matte, we have a look and finish to suit every style!

Utilising state of the art Dust Free Concrete Polishers, we are able to grind back your concrete whilst extracting the toxic dust that otherwise would end up circulating in your home or business. The steps involved to grind your concrete floors involves a multi-step process where your floor is mechanically ground, hones, and polished with bonded abrasives to cut deep into the concrete floor and reveal it's natural beauty underneath.

The grit range we use in our diamond polishing pads determines the reflectiveness and glossiness of the concrete. Polished concrete floors are typically finished at a 1500 grit level or 3000+ grit level, with anything under the 1500 grit level being considered a Honed Concrete Floor.

Benefits of polished concrete Wollongong

Polished Concrete Wollongong is one of the most sustainable concrete flooring options on the market. Not only will the finished look blow you away, but the cost of polished concrete is generally lower than other high-end finishing options. Polished concrete will give your floors an exceptional finish as well as a number of functional and economical benefits. Here are some of the concrete polishing benefits that our customers love the most:

Durable and long-lasting
Polished concrete floors can handle anything you throw at them. Heavy foot traffic, impact, spills, you name it. These bad boys are built to last, whether it's in your cozy home or your bustling industrial space.

Low-Maintenance Maestros
We know you've got better things to do than scrub floors all day. Polished concrete requires minimal upkeep and maintenance. A quick sweep with a dust mop and a damp mop every now and then is all it takes to keep your floors shining like brand new again!

Eye-Catching Beauty
Prepare for the "wow" factor. Our polished concrete surfaces have a high-gloss finish that'll make your space look like a million bucks and we have a selection to choose from. The reflection of natural light gives your place a bright, open, and inviting vibe that'll leave your guests speechless.

Money in Your Pocket
Let's talk business. Polished concrete is a cost-effective flooring option, saving you big bucks on installation and maintenance. Say goodbye to fancy-schmancy materials like carpets or tiles. Polished concrete is all you need, and it'll pay you back with its long-lasting durability.

Our polished concrete services

Grind and Sealed Concrete
Polished Concrete Resurfacing
Polished Concrete Restoration
Polished Concrete Maintenance
Industrial Concrete Polishing
Honed Concrete
Mechanical Polishing
Decorative Concrete Polishing
Residential Concrete Polishing
Polished Concrete

We offer the following types of Polished Concrete Shines:

Matte finish polished concrete Wollongong

Matte finish

Satin finish polished concrete Wollongong

Satin finish

Semi gloss polished concrete Wollongong

Semi-gloss finish

High gloss polished concrete Wollongong

High-gloss finish

Gloss polished concrete Wollongong

Gloss finish

Here are the Polished Concrete Finishes you can select from:

Non-exposed Aggregate (No exposure)
Cream Polished Concrete
Full Aggregate Exposure (Full Exposure)
Salt and Pepper Finish (Medium Exposure)

The concrete polishing process

Concrete Flooring Preparation: We start by thoroughly preparing your concrete surface, ensuring it is clean, free of debris, and any existing coatings or impurities are removed. This step is crucial for achieving a flawless polished finish and look. If it's dirty, it won't polish!

Concrete Grinding: Next, we utilise state-of-the-art Dust Free Concrete Polishers and grinding equipment to level the concrete surface and remove any imperfections. This step not only makes your floors like incredible but also prepares the floor for the diamond polishing process.

Diamond Polishing: Here's where the magic happens! We employ diamond polishing pads of varying grits to gradually refine the concrete surface. As we progress through the grit levels, the surface becomes smoother and shinier, ultimately resulting in a breathtaking glossy finish. Depending on the shine you've chosen for your glossy concrete floor is how refined we get with our grit levels... we ain't stopping till it shines like a diamond!

Stain and Seal: If desired, we can apply stains or dyes to add depth and character with our stained concrete polishing and stained polished concrete floors. Once the desired color is achieved, we seal the surface with high-quality concrete sealants that enhance durability and protect against stains, scratches, and wear.

Why choose us as your concrete polishing company in Wollongong?

With over 2 decades of experience, we are highly experienced in concrete polishing in Wollongong. Our expert knowledge and experience means we are able to help you pick out the exact type of finishes that will most suit your home or business.

We put you, the customer, before anything else. We always go out of our way to assure to exceed expectations and assure you achieve your ideal look to your driveway. Our team is very easy to work with, always friendly, and pride themselves in going the extra mile.

If you have any questions about our concrete polishing services, please don't hesitate to give us a call. You will be put in touch with one of our expert professionals who will walk you through every step of the process. You can't beat a trusted local Wollongong concreter for your concrete polishing needs!

By nature, it is very versatile as there are a multitude of styling options and colours that you apply to your new concrete floors. You can get a fresh look and feel to your home or business with our concrete restoration services, and is a much more affordable alternative to a complete flooring replacement.

We have options that are highly stain resistant, so no more pesky type marks left on the surface of your concrete. Many customers across Wollongong also love the non-slip polished concrete that we offer, which is a perfect option for families, kids, and elderly residence. Grab that phone and let's turn your concrete dreams into a gritty, glossy reality!

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